Engagement is an exciting topic for many, as couples plan out the rest of their lives together. But amongst the excitement, lies one very crucial factor: the engagement ring. Afterall, you want to choose a ring that perfectly suits your partner, not only in terms of the fit but style, too. New engagement ring trends emerge all the time and are often influenced by celebrities who are tying the knot. So, what’s in for 2024? Our highly trained Hatton Garden jewellers have created a deep dive into the latest trends.

What Is the Most Popular Engagement Ring Style In 2024?

Whilst engagement ring trends 2024 are still emerging, round brilliant cuts already stand out as a leading option. This is likely because they offer unmatched brilliance, timeless elegance and versatile design options which can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

How Much Do People Spend on Engagement Rings?

Getting engaged is an exciting time for all involved. From seeking permission from your partner’s parents and arranging a surprise proposal, down to getting down on one knee. Of course, all this comes with at an expense. Whilst the amount people spend on engagement rings varies even to this day. However, some people believe you should spend at least three months' salary on an engagement ring, we don't agree with this notion. We believe that you should only spend what you're comfortable with and our team at Beverley Hills Jewellers are here to help you find the perfect ring, no matter your budget. 

What Is the Most Popular Month to Buy an Engagement Ring?

There’s no set rules when it comes to getting engaged. People propose throughout the year at any time! Whilst some engagements are more spontaneous than others, the holiday season, including the month of December, is a popular time for engagement ring shopping. Christmas proposals aside, September and October are considered the next best times to buy an engagement ring or any time between the 2 to 3 months you plan to propose.

When Is the Most Popular Month to Propose?

It’s no hidden secret that Christmas is considered to be the most popular time of year to propose. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to be proposed to amidst festive light displays, snowy scenery and cosy fireside dates? However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a Christmas proposal is perfect for every couple. For example, some prefer to get engaged on holiday to mark the special occasion, but there really is no right or wrong time to pop the question. Discussing preferences with your partner beforehand may help align your vision for the perfect proposal.

Do People Buy More Bespoke or Premade Engagement Rings?

When it comes to engagement rings, you have two options. You can either purchase a premade engagement ring or opt for a bespoke engagement ring that is customised to your partner’s preferences. Whilst bespoke engagement rings are more expensive, they offer the opportunity to select the stone shape, metal of the ring, and more to match your partner’s style. The design process is exciting and can add a unique touch to your engagement, showcasing your commitment in a special way. More information about custom engagement rings in Hatton Garden.

Are Men’s Engagement Rings Popular?

Men’s engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, offering a new way to seal an engagement. However, the principle of a men’s engagement ring isn’t a totally new idea in all places. In some countries, including Brazil and Chile, men’s engagement rings are also considered the wedding ring. So, as the latest engagement ring trends continue to develop over the second half of the year, we at Hatton Garden Jewellers expect the popularity of men’s engagement rings to further rise.

Top 5 Engagement Ring Styles In 2024

  1. Three stones: Why have one stone when you can have three? Three- stone engagement rings are back as one of the leading engagement ring trends 2024.
  2. Mixed metals: Gone are the days of choosing between silver or gold. Mixed metal engagement rings are increasing popular, offering the best of both worlds.
  3. Big stones: big and flashy stones engagement is continuing to make a comeback in 2024 and are sure to capture your soon to be fiancé’s heart.
  4. Timeless: We’re taking a step back in time as vintage-looking engagement rings make a significant comeback.
  5. Coloured gemstones: Coloured gems are the perfect way to customise your engagement ring with a birthstone or gem that holds special meaning.

Top 5 Engagement Ring Stones In 2024 

  1. Diamond: Diamond has been the pinnacle of popularity for centuries due to their durability, sparkle and brilliance.
  2. Emerald: A green stone that symbolises growth, love, and rebirth. Perfect for an engagement ring.
  3. Aquamarine: A blue-green gem that is more affordable than emeralds but durable for everyday wear.
  4. Morganite: A soft pink gem that is commonly associated with compassion and love.
  5. Ruby: A red gem that symbolises love and passion and are durable for everyday wear.

Top 5 Engagement Ring Cut In 2024

  1. Marquise: A unique option ideal for those who want their engagement ring to stand out.
  2. Emerald Cut: A clean engagement ring cut that is less likely to chip.
  3. Oval: A classic yet modern engagement ring cut that is suitable for a range of ring styles.
  4. Princess: A modern and stylish alternative to timeless engagement ring cuts.
  5. Round: A popular and timeless choice for engagement rings that is suitable for everyday wear.

The Engagement ring trends 2024 offer something for every budding marriage, whether you’re looking to purchase a pre-made engagement ring or design something bespoke. Browse our collection of engagement rings online or book an appointment to view our engagement rings Hatton Gardens today!