A necklace is a breath-taking gift that lasts forever...

Whether celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas; a diamond necklace is an elegant and timeless choice.  

An eclectic mix of contemporary design and traditional British craftsmanship, Beverley Hills Jewellers diamond necklaces are created to be admired and cherished.

At Beverley Hills Jewellers our collection necklaces have been lovingly curated to bring you the ideal necklace.

From classic necklaces combining diamonds with coloured gems to contemporary pieces exuding a magic sparkle and diamond-set necklaces with vintage styling, you’ll find the perfect necklace for that special occasion or gift.

At Beverley Hills Jewellers it’s easy to indulge your passion for glamorous neck wear and our expert consultants will help you choose the perfect necklace.

You can view more exquisite jewellery here.

We have a large selection of certificated and uncertificated diamonds and all new products come with a 3 Year warranty.


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