Shimmering, sparkling earrings especially for you

Diamond earrings are the classic 'go to' piece of jewellery for any occasion and our alluring diamond earrings are sure to make you feel special when treating yourself.

Diamond earrings always make the perfect gift - be it for a Birthday, Valentine’s, Anniversary or Christmas. Whatever the occasion your loved one will cherish a pair of diamond earrings forever. 

At Beverley Hills Jewellers, you will find a huge selection of hand crafted earrings; we are bound to have the perfect style or our experts can help create a bespoke pair unique to you.  

From effortlessly delicate to clustered magnificent styles; Beverley Hills is the ultimate destination for diamond earrings.


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We have a large selection of certificated and uncertificated diamonds and all new products come with a 3 Year warranty.


For further information and pricing, please call: 020 7405 4847
or email: info@beverleyhillsjewellers.com